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IT company aiming to provide the best services to ICT clients around the world IT companies aiming to provide

We provide total support for our customers' businesses through our five main businesses (IT engineer development support business, IT system contract development business, website production/DTP business, education business, and personnel placement business).

MessageGreetings from the President

The FOIS Group. With “creativity and challenge,” “all-employee management,” and “customer perspective” as our three main pillars, we are striving daily to bring together these values to provide happiness to all our employees and the highest level of satisfaction to our customers. With the support of many of you, we continue to grow and evolve today, 33 years after our founding in 1991.

Through our offices in Japan (Tokyo and Nagoya) and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi), we are dedicated to solving problems and creating value by utilizing the latest technologies. In the ICT industry, where technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT are rapidly evolving, we have established new FOIS ICT PRO companies in Vietnam and Japan in response to the competition in the globalized market. This is the beginning of our new challenge to “provide ICT services from Vietnam and Japan to the world” and “become a trading company specializing in ICT from the customer’s perspective”.

All of us at FOIS Group are proud of our partnerships with companies in Japan, Vietnam, and around the world, and we continue to take on challenges with an eye to the future. Our goal is sustainable growth and value creation through innovative approaches.

We look forward to your continued warm support and guidance.

PhilosophyCorporate Philosophy

We hold great hope,
We value our customers,
We aim to be the No.1 company through management with the participation of all employees.


HappinessPursue the material and intellectual well-being of all employees.


OriginalityAchieving the best IT products and services through continuous ingenuity.


PositiveChallenging tomorrow with positive thinking x enthusiasm x IT technology.


ExternalAiming to be a proactive and dynamic company with an international perspective.


SatisfactionWe value people and continue to pursue the highest level of customer satisfaction.

OriginOrigin of the company name

  • The best and the first class
  • Original/unique
  • Information technology
  • Spirit


To pursue the highest level of customer satisfaction by refining our enthusiasm, quality, and technical capabilities
Creating new and unique value
We are a technical group that continues to challenge the IT revolution.


A technology group that aims to be an ICT professional (PRO) with the ability to plan, propose, and act based on information technology (IT) and communication (C) from the customer’s perspective, and to take on the challenge of developing new ICT clients and new ICT markets around the world.