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Founded in 2012, FOIS ICT PRO is an ICT solutions company based in Vietnam and Tokyo that has been in business for over 10 years and aims to provide the best services to ICT clients around the world.
We have 5 main businesses (ICT Engineer Development Support Business, ICT System Contract Development Business, Website creation/DTP Business, Education Business, and Recruitment Business) to provide total support for our clients’ business.
We strive to grow toward our goals and improve customer satisfaction in the ICT field.



“Photo Repo” construction photo ledger management system.
PhotoRepo is a site management system that allows you to “visualize” the construction site and communicate with construction records anytime, anywhere.
It visualizes the “now” of the job site using a smartphone or tablet, without having to visit the site.


Smile POS

Smile POS is a Japanese quality product customer POS cash register system for restaurants. It prevents “fraud,” “calculation errors,” and “order errors” that are common in store management. It is a useful tool for restaurants, beauty salons, and many other situations.

Smile POS


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-Engineers wanted

We are looking for engineers who want to work in Vietnam or Japan. We will guide you to the best projects with benefits and salaries that match your requirements.

Established in 2012, FOIS ICT PRO (hereinafter referred to as FOIS, an IT company in Vietnam) is a website production and software development company (IT company) based in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi in Vietnam and Tokyo in Japan. FOIS ICT PRO is an IT company based in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam, and Tokyo, Japan. FOIS ICT PRO has 5 main businesses (IT engineer development support business, IT system contract development business, website production (website production)/DTP business, education business, and human resource introduction business) to support customers’ businesses in total. In addition, Fois, an IT company in Vietnam, provides on-site development support and laboratory type development support (offshore development and onshore development) by organizing a dedicated team of excellent engineers according to customer needs. If you are looking for a long-term offshore development (laboratory type development), if you want to secure professional system development staff stably and cheaply, or if you want to develop a system but do not have enough IT engineers, please contact FOYCE, an IT company in Vietnam, for development projects. We offer a free consultation. In addition to system development, we also offer website production services. If you want to attract more customers, increase the number of inquiries from your website, rank higher in Google searches, renew your website because it has an outdated design, or create a new website to expand overseas, we will propose the best plan for your company’s needs. We will propose the best plan to meet your needs. We can provide consultation in Japanese, Vietnamese, or English. We will propose a service that meets the needs of your company.