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Sagami Holdings Corporation
  • Sagami Holdings Corporation
  • Sagami Holdings Corporation
  • Sagami Holdings Corporation
We produced the corporate website for "Sagami Holdings Co.
The concept of this design renewal was to "enhance the value of the corporate brand and increase the number of fans.
The main visuals are banners for each brand, so that the brand image can be grasped immediately. The website was designed to be intuitive and easy to recognize, with an awareness of the latest web trends and design trends.
In addition, a store search system was used. The system displays store locations on a map so that they can be searched.


Sagami Holdings Corporation


Website / Food


  • Store locator is linked to the system
  • Slide show for main visuals to show what the site is about on the first view and lead to conversions
  • Trendy design using gradients that have recently become popular
  • Design design that incorporates text for each content
  • Menu layout that allows users to jump to pages according to their objectives
  • Orange-based coloring to convey the impression of the brand color
  • Sidebars are placed to improve navigation.
  • Provide numerical information to express thoughts and attitudes that are difficult to see.
  • Responsive design that can automatically switch according to the width of the screen
  • Use of WordPress for easy updating