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Privacy Policy

Personal Information

This is information about personal information of FOIS ICT PRO. Personal information obtained on this site will be shared with FOIS Corporation (our group company) within the scope stipulated in our personal information protection policy.

Privacy Policy

Philosophy of Personal Information Protection

FOIS ICT PRO (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is engaged in business activities centering on the engineering development support business, contract system development business, website production/DTP business, education business, and personnel placement business.
Personal information obtained from customers and our employees through our business activities (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) shall be handled in a manner that ensures the protection of such personal information. The Company recognizes that it is an important social responsibility of the Company to ensure the protection of such Personal Information.
Therefore, we handle personal information obtained through our business activities in accordance with the following policy to provide “peace of mind” to our customers and employees and to fulfill our social responsibility with respect to the protection of personal information.

  • Acquisition, use and provision of personal information
    We will acquire personal information through legal and fair means.
    We will use personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
    When providing personal information to a third party, we will obtain the prior consent of the person concerned.
    We will not use the acquired personal information for any other purpose.
    We will not use acquired personal information for any other purpose.
  • Laws and ordinances, guidelines and other norms established by the government (hereinafter referred to as “laws and ordinances, etc.”) With respect to
    We will endeavor to keep abreast of laws and regulations related to the business of handling personal information, and will ensure that all employees engaged in our business (hereinafter referred to as “employees”) are aware of and comply with such laws and regulations.
  • Security Management of Personal Information
    In order to prevent various risks such as unauthorized access to personal information, leakage, loss, or damage of personal information, we will establish and maintain a system to take prompt corrective measures for the safe management of personal information.
    We will conduct inspections and promptly correct any violations or accidents that are discovered, and implement preventive measures to address any weaknesses.We will provide thorough safety training to all employees.
  • Complaints and Consultations
    Our personal information protection management system monitors and audits compliance with internal rules for the protection of personal information to detect violations, incidents, accidents, and weak points, and is reviewed by management. We will reflect these findings in our management measures and internal rules, and strive for continuous improvement of our personal information protection management system.Improvements will be made in accordance with laws, regulations, and JIS Q 15001.

Handling of Personal Information

In accordance with JISQ15001:2006 requirements and, we hereby announce the following information.

Purposes of use in the case of acquisition other than direct written acquisition from the person in question

Type of Personal InformationPurpose of UseDisclosure Category
Data entrusted by business partnersSystem development services and SaaS servicesNot disclosed
Job Seeker Support Training Course Applicants Information for job seekers and studentsProvision of information on job seeker support training and operation of training, Reporting and application to related organizationsNot disclosed

Purposes of use in the case of acquisition other than direct written acquisition from the person in question

Type of Personal InformationPurpose of Use
Information of those who have requested information materials or made inquiriesResponding to inquiries and providing information on services
Information about the person who applied for the trial versionContact and information regarding the use of the trial version
Supplier InformationContact with suppliers, performance of contracts, claims for performance, etc.
Information about candidates and applicants for employmentRecruitment selection and contact
Employee InformationEmployment management, including provision to business partners, human resources, and general affairs

Procedure for Requesting Disclosure, etc.

We will not accept requests from the person concerned or his/her representative regarding personal information subject to disclosure held by the Company.

  • Request for Disclosure
  • Request for Notification of Purpose of Use
  • Request for correction
  • Additional charges
  • Request for erasure
  • Requests for Suspension of Use or Suspension of Provision to Third Parties, etc.

(Hereafter, items (1) through (6) are collectively referred to as “Requests for Disclosure, etc.”.)
(hereinafter collectively referred to as “Requests for Disclosure, etc.”), please contact the following. Here is an explanation of the procedures

Personal Information Inquiry DeskFois Corporation Yasutoshi Tanaka
AddressUden Hamamatsucho Bldg. 8F, 1-2-14 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013, Japan
TEL03-6802-8530 (weekdays 10:00 – 18:00)