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Technology solutions that make your dreams a reality

FOIS ICT PRO, a Vietnamese IT company, has been working on the latest technology and innovation to realize our clients' requirements. In developing business systems and BtoB and BtoC applications, we value originality and convenience and provide many services. We also aim to contribute to CSR by actively entering the healthcare field.

Vietnam ProductsICT Solution

The ICT solutions offered by FOIS ICT PRO are innovative tools to make your business more efficient. Among them, Photo Repo and Smile POS are two outstanding services that have earned high praise from our clients.

Construction Photo Ledger Management System

Construction Photo Ledger Management System

Customer Testimonials

  • ・We want to reduce the time and effort required to organize construction photos and prepare construction ledgers.
  • ・Real-time sharing of progress and streamlined management.

On-line in the field and in the office

PhotoRepo is a site management system that allows you to “visualize” the construction site and communicate with construction records anytime, anywhere. It visualizes the “now” of the job site without having to visit the site with a smartphone or tablet.

Smile POS

For Japanese quality restaurants
Merchandise customer POS cash register system

Customer Testimonials

  • ・Not enough manpower.
  • ・Replacing the menu list is difficult.
  • ・I want to increase sales.

Realization of self-service in restaurants

FOIS ICT PRO’s product customer POS cash register system for restaurants provides real-time sales status and order confirmation for smart ordering and smooth checkout. The kitchen can automatically print order slips for efficient service.

Vietnam ServiceWeb promotion

Web promotion

FOIS ICT PRO’s Web promotion service is designed to help companies solve their problems through the Web. We are always proposing solutions to corporate issues through web design x web systems, always incorporating the latest technologies. From Vietnam to the world, we provide the best website creation and promotion to contribute to our client’s business, please feel free to contact us for consultation and questions about website creation and promotion.

More than 1,000 projects of all sizes

For more information on FOIS ICT PRO’s web promotion business, click here.

Vietnam ServiceEducation

FOIS Smile’s education business offers a full range of courses, from ICT engineer training courses to language lessons, as well as specific skills test courses for those who wish to work in Japan. We provide ICT engineer training courses, language lesson courses, and specific skill test preparation courses to create an educational system that will lead you to a better working environment. Please visit our website and Facebook page for more information.

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