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Sagami Holdings Corporation 50th

Landing PageFood

Sagami Holdings Corporation 50th
We have created a responsive branding page (LP) for the Space Japanese Food introduction page for Sagami Holdings Co.
We used a lot of images and illustrations to create a fun and exciting atmosphere.

In Vietnam, the IT company "FOIS ICT PRO Vietnam" not only specializes in website development, but also provides comprehensive support for system integration into websites, design creation for printed materials (brochures, flyers, packaging), and post-website development maintenance support. We also offer partial support for websites, so please feel free to consult with us if you encounter any issues.


Sagami Holdings Corporation


Landing Page / Food


  • Incorporates animation to create a festive atmosphere
  • Quantify Sagami Holdings stores and make the brand known to a large number of users in a short period of time
  • Responsive design that can automatically switch according to the width of the screen
  • Expression of thoughts and company culture through videos
  • that are difficult to convey through text and photos alone

  • Font size and line spacing settings that are easy to read for all age groups
  • Proposal of campaign plans to enhance the brand
  • Achievements of Fois Co.