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Building an EC Site with WooCommerce

We use WooCommerce, a free plugin that allows you to create an e-commerce site (net store) on WordPress, and build your e-commerce site on your behalf. Why don’t you open your own online store with “WooCommerce”, which is free of basic usage fee and cost saving?

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a plugin for running a store online that can be added to WordPress, a tool for creating websites.

WordPress is a popular website building tool, and WooCommerce adds e With WooCommerce, users can sell and buy products, manage inventory, process payments, set shipping options, and more on their WordPress websites, allowing them to create various types of e You can create many different types of e-commerce sites, from personal blogs to large online stores. WooCommerce is also very flexible and extensible, with many free and paid extensions and themes available. There is also an extensive community and support, with resources available to help users solve problems and add new features. With WooCommerce’s ease of use, flexibility, and scalability for companies and sole proprietors, FOIS ICT PRO Vietnam is able to build e-commerce sites to meet a wide variety of customer requirements.

Challenges in building an EC website

Do you have any of these problems when opening an online store?

We want to build our own EC site quickly and efficiently.


I want a responsive design that is compatible with smartphones.


Want to build an EC site with low development and operation costs.


We provide a one-stop service to meet your detailed requirements for building an EC site

One-stop service from production to operation and maintenance

With WooCommerce
Advantages of building an EC site

WooCommerce has no basic usage fees, so you can implement an EC site at a low cost.

WooCommerce is open source and has a wealth of free plug-ins and themes available, making it possible to start an online store at a relatively low cost. For new e-commerce site builders and small businesses, it is a great way to start an online business with minimal risk. In addition, WordPress allows you to easily update your website from your PC or smartphone as long as you have access to the Internet. This makes it possible to operate with zero maintenance costs by doing the updating work in-house. It enables flexible and efficient website management, and always provides up-to-date information. We implement the most suitable CMS for your needs and build an easy-to-use and attractive website for your users.

Possible to build an SEO-friendly online store (EC site)

With WooCommerce, you can build an SEO-friendly online store that works with your WordPress site; SEO-friendly means that your site is easily found and optimized by search engines.

To sell more products in an online store, it is essential to increase traffic. A higher search ranking increases the likelihood that more users will access the site. Since search rankings are determined based on data collected by search engines, it is necessary to make your site content easy for search engines to understand.

To do this, measures are taken such as predicting the search terms that users will use and using those terms as much as possible in the online store. This is part of SEO.

By using WooCommerce, the underlying structure of WordPress is optimized to make it easier for search engines to organize information. The theme, which is the design of the online store, is also set to display fast, which is effective in improving Google ratings and search rankings.

WordPress has specialized settings for content marketing and can build a site with strong SEO. fois ICT PRO Vietnam not only builds e-commerce sites, but also creates online store sites with SEO in mind.

High degree of freedom of customization allows differentiation

The most attractive feature of WooCommerce is its high customizability. You can freely customize all the important elements of your online store, such as design templates, additional functions with plug-ins, and the payment services to be installed.

You can freely choose what kind of design you want, what functions you want to add, and which payment services you want to install.

You can build your own online store and differentiate yourself from other stores. By creating a unique online store that fits your business or brand, you can showcase your company’s appeal and strengths to your customers.

With WooCommerce
Flow of building an EC site

Lnquiry/Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us first by phone or through our inquiry form.

If you would like a rough estimate for the construction of your EC site, please click here.

Hearing and sample proposal

We will listen to your concerns and requests.
Depending on the customer’s needs, we will carefully respond with an estimate, a sample site proposal, and an explanation of the CMS operation.


Once you are satisfied with our estimate and proposal, we will proceed with the formal contract.

EC Site Construction

We will listen to your specific needs, such as desired contents and design image, and build your e-commerce site.

However, if it is difficult to prepare and provide image materials, we can use our own image materials.

We also offer photography, interviewing, and writing services at an additional cost.

Support for EC site publication and operation

After receiving an OK from the customer, we will publish the e-commerce site. After the site is published, you can update the contents “anytime” and “easily” using a dedicated update tool (CMS). Since you can freely update your site, you can always reflect the latest information on your e-commerce site. We can flexibly respond to your needs, such as quickly reflecting your business or updating event information.

Post-production maintenance support

FOIS ICT PRO provides operational support such as updating after the website is created. The contract is on an hourly basis, so we can respond flexibly to your needs. Please feel free to contact us.

Light Standard Mega Spot
Recommended for! Stay informed with minimal updates Stay informed with regular updates Enhance content as needed Support on demand, not on schedule
Monthly sum

Monthly sum

127$(Excludes tax)

Monthly sum

218$(Excludes tax)

Monthly sum

363$(Excludes tax)

Monthly sum

Fees on request

Support Hours




Senior support

64$/hr (Excludes tax)

55$/hr (Excludes tax)

45$/hr (Excludes tax)

Contents of response

We can make suggestions for website improvements, create banners, add or modify text and images, replace PDF, Excel, and Word files, etc. Telephone and e-mail support for website modifications is available from 9:00 to 16:00 on weekdays (except Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays). ※Plan contents and amounts are subject to change without notice.