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We have been in charge of creating the website for Nippon Steel Corporation.
This website integrates the sale of special steel and cast iron, focusing on a design that is user-friendly and easy to understand.
To meet the client's requirements, we have incorporated dynamic elements such as videos and diagonal designs to create an attractive impression and provide quick information.
Furthermore, we have utilized the parallax effect to add depth and dimension to the site, enhancing its overall appeal.
Additionally, we have also assisted with creating the logo and business cards.

In Vietnam, the IT company "FOIS ICT PRO Vietnam" not only specializes in website development, but also provides comprehensive support for system integration into websites, design creation for printed materials (brochures, flyers, packaging), and post-website development maintenance support. We also offer partial support for websites, so please feel free to consult with us if you encounter any issues.


Nittetsu Inc.


Corporate Site / Industry


  • Expressing motion with parallax design
  • Creating a logo evoking special steel
  • Utilizing diagonal angles and design elements to showcase innovation
  • Responsive design that automatically switches according to screen width
  • Utilizing easy-to-update WordPress
  • Achievements of FOIS Co., Ltd.