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We are pleased to announce our participation in VIETBUILD 2024, one of the largest architectural exhibitions in Vietnam!

Event 2024.03.07

FOIS ICT PRO Vietnam, a Vietnamese IT company, will participate in VietBuild Ho Chi Minh City 2024, one of the largest architectural exhibitions in Vietnam, to be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from April 10 (Wed) to 14 (Sun), 2024.

Booth Information

Booth NO. “1036
We are available to answer your questions in Vietnamese, English, and Japanese!

What we will be presenting at the exhibition

We are pleased to introduce “Photo Repo,” a mobile application with progress and quality control functions that creates a construction photo ledger, developed for equipment suppliers, major house builders, on-site workers, and design firms.

What is photorepo?

This will be a mobile application with progress and quality control functions that creates a construction photo ledger.
This is a work efficiency application that can be smoothly completed on a smartphone from photographing to editing and outputting ledgers, allowing construction photo work to be completed on site!

Strengths of Photo Repo

Strength 1: Easy and speedy operation completed via smartphone

After a photo is taken, a photo ledger can be completed automatically at the touch of a button. The data can also be output as is.
It also has an electronic blackboard function, so that photos taken in the field can be checked immediately in the office.

Strength 2: Free 30-day trial available

This time, we will offer a special 30-day free trial service!

During the trial period, no fees will be charged. During the trial period, you can use the service for internal testing as well as commercial use.
Please try the free trial first to get an idea of what it is like to work with PhotoRepo.

Strength 3: Real-time progress management is now possible.

Photos taken with a smartphone can be automatically reflected in the process progress.

This allows projects to proceed smoothly.

Strength 4: Anyone can easily check the construction work

By putting paper-operated check sheets online, you can visualize the contents of checks for construction work.
Problems and errors that may occur during construction can be detected at an early stage, double improving work quality and productivity!

Strength 5: Proven track record in Japan and handling large-scale projects

Many companies including major Japanese house builders have been using our system for more than 10 years.
We can smoothly manage more than 500 properties (600 sheets/property) per month.

In addition to photo repo, we also provide support for “IT and CAD engineer placement” and “website production agency”!

As an IT company in Vietnam, we are able to make proposals tailored to your company’s needs.

We will also introduce our most popular services, “IT/CAD Engineer Recruitment” and “Website Production Services,” at the exhibition.

If your company has a shortage of human resources or is looking to increase your company’s visibility and credibility, we would be happy to hear from you.

About “IT and CAD Engineer Recruitment


Do you have any problems such as “I want to secure professional human resources stably and cheaply,” “I want to consult with a company that not only introduces human resources but also handles development,” “I want to conduct multilingual development, but there are no engineers who can handle it…” and so on?

Our Vietnamese IT company, FOIS, provides support for companies with such problems by proposing our excellent Vietnamese IT and CAD engineers at the best cost performance.

We will listen to your company’s concerns during the interview and introduce you to the best engineer for your needs.

About the “Website Creation” Service

Website Creation

Do you have a website but the design is outdated as it was created more than 10 years ago? We want to create a multilingual website, but we don’t have the knowledge to do so.

Fois, an IT company in Vietnam, provides website production services and printed material production services (including printing and mailing) for companies with such problems. Please feel free to tell us about your current website.

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation! Although we are a Vietnamese IT company, we have both Japanese and Vietnamese staff on staff. We can provide consultation in Japanese, Vietnamese, or English.


We hope that by actually seeing and touching our products and services at the exhibition, you will be able to experience the quality of our products.

Fois, a Vietnamese IT company, will continue to provide products that meet the requirements of our customers by making the most of our technological and product planning capabilities.

We hope you will stop by our booth.