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On-site development support/lab-based development support

In order to solve the problem of lack of resources that many companies are facing, we support our clients’ business improvement projects with laboratory type offshore and onshore development by providing human resources with the desired skills and development environment at our company (in Vietnam).

What is On-site development support/lab-based development support?

On-site development support is a service in which development members are dispatched to the client’s site and proceed with the project while communicating directly with the client. On the other hand, laboratory-type development support is a service in which projects are carried out at a dedicated development site. FOIS ICT PRO supports on-site development, off-shore laboratory development (requests from Japanese and overseas companies) and on-shore laboratory development (requests from foreign, Japanese and Vietnamese companies in Vietnam), with a development system in three languages (Japanese, English and Vietnamese).

Insufficient Resource Challenges

Do you have any of these problems?

Aiming to develop new solutions, but currently lacks experts

Due to a change in personnel, there is no one available to analyze the system currently in use.

I want to improve my business processes.

FOIS ICT PRO supports optimal personnel and support plans from system implementation to operation

development support services

Providing the best solutions for your challenges with the highest cosmos by leveraging our long experience in development in Japan and our extensive relationships.

We leverage our expertise in on-site lab support services accumulated over many years and our close relationships with a wealth of partner companies to propose the best personnel for our clients. In addition, we develop systems and applications in Vietnam from the manufacturing process (program development) to the primary testing process (unit testing and coupling testing), which enables us to reduce costs by approximately 50% for the manufacturing process and 25% for the entire development process compared to when the development is done in Japan.

Assign members with the best skills at the right time to ensure project success

We provide the best personnel for your project, regardless of the duration, from short-term to long-term. We are also flexible in terms of contract types, so we can offer the most suitable contract for your needs.

Comprehensive support from system introduction to operational support

Our staff with expert knowledge and skills in IT can provide a wide range of services from implementation to operation of the latest IT systems. We propose the most appropriate system to meet your business needs and ensure a smooth implementation. We also ensure smooth system operation after implementation, including regular maintenance, troubleshooting, and security measures.

We can support requests from Japanese and overseas companies, as well as from foreign, Japanese, and Vietnamese companies in Vietnam, with a development system in three languages (Japanese, English, and Vietnamese)

FOIS ICT PRO is able to respond to requests from Japanese and overseas companies, as well as from foreign, Japanese, and Vietnamese companies in Vietnam, and can provide support with a trilingual development system in Japanese, English, and Vietnamese. We deliver high quality deliverables through smooth communication with our clients.

Thorough QCD (quality, price, delivery) management

  • Dedicated management staff and real-time management via always-connected videoconferencing and video conferencing
  • Objective and quantitative monitoring and control by the PMO enables early detection and timely response to project risks, effectively preventing problems such as delivery delays and quality degradation and improving project quality.
  • Compliant with W3C coding conventions and strictly enforced based on in-house quality standard rules

On-site development support/laboratory-based development support in our company
Example of skills possessed by our members

At least 2 years of IT development experience

  • Flutter Engineer (iOS, swift/Android, kotlin)
  • Full Stack Engineer・(Python、Java、Ruby on Rails、PHP etc…)Web application development
    ・Frontend(html, css3, html5)
  • Vue.js(framework) engineer
  • ReactJS、ReactNative(framework) engineer
  • Xamarin engineer

Net environment experience, running on IOS/Android.

  • PHP + Laravel (framework) Engineer
  • PHP + WordPress (CMS) Engineer
  • AI Engineer
  • Java Engineer
  • ASP.Net Engineer
  • Mobile Engineer (iOS/Android)
  • QC Engineers(Tester、Manual)