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  • Since 2014

The company offers many opportunities for personal growth.

Current Job Description

We are developing an updated construction photo management application that has been used by a major house builder. Design, program, and test based on existing features and new features from our client partners.

What kind of company is FOIS ICT PRO?

The company has many young and energetic employees. Spacious offices and a good working environment are also an added attraction. Despite the current decrease in the number of employees, we continue to develop innovative products that optimize cost-effectiveness and can be used on multiple platforms.

How have things changed between when you first joined and now?

When I first joined the company, I was just a programmer. However, during the course of my work, I was given the opportunity to learn and research business processes, working styles, and ways to communicate with co-workers, supervisors, and customers. The requirements of the job taught me time management and self-discipline, and I always found ways to learn new skills and new knowledge of the industry for my personal development. This is to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the industry. I have also learned how to manage teams and how they work independently and effectively. Now, as a leader, I am trying to grow to better understand myself and lead my team effectively at all times. I am committed to managing software quality and meeting customer needs to the best of my ability.

What were your concerns when you first joined the company and how did you resolve them?

Learning a new language and skills requires the ability to let go of old ideas and be open to new information. I learn from seminars and courses, and I also appreciate the environment the company provides for my development. I also learn from my colleagues who have extensive experience in Japan.

Message to prospective applicants

We invite you to experience at FOIS the growth potential of an IT company and the human resources that care about our employees.