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  • Designer
  • Since 2013

It is a very friendly environment and we always support our employees in developing their skills and training through projects. We listen sincerely to the ideas of our employees and strive to grow with them.

Current Job Description

I am responsible for web design, print design and coding.

What kind of company is FOIS ICT PRO?

My impression of FOIS ICT PRO is that the company is characterized by a positive attitude of "we will try" rather than "we can’t". Employees do their best to achieve sales targets for each team.

How have things changed between when you first joined and now?

When I first joined FOIS, I was just a web designer. However, while working at FOIS, I learned not only designing but also building WordPress and coding, and now I am a web designer who can design and code.

What were your concerns when you first joined the company and how did you resolve them?

When I first joined FOIS, I was concerned that I might have difficulty adjusting to the Japanese-language work environment and rigid Japanese corporate culture. However, my fears were gradually put to rest. Because, at the beginning, free basic Japanese lessons were provided, and my Japanese and Vietnamese supervisors and co-workers were very kind and welcoming in a pleasant atmosphere. I received encouragement and support for my work-related questions on numerous occasions and was able to settle into the company quickly and without a single unpleasant experience.

Message to prospective applicants

FOIS offers an environment that is friendly and values each and every employee. We believe that working with us as a place that promotes growth, you will find it rewarding to take on new challenges. We invite you to join us in building our future together.