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  • Since 2012

Together we will take on new challenges, build projects together, and develop our careers.

Current Job Description

I am the manager in charge of project development and systems for our Japanese clients.

What kind of company is FOIS ICT PRO?

FOIS ICT PRO has a positive and friendly work environment with mostly positive employees. The company also focuses on employee training and employee growth, which I feel is a good environment for anyone looking to improve their skills and knowledge.

How have things changed between when you first joined and now?

The company not only provides me with a friendly working environment, but also gives me new challenges and helps me explore and apply new technologies. This has not only broadened my perspective on programming and software development, but has also created opportunities to learn from my colleagues.

Message to prospective applicants

At FOIS ICT PRO, we value individuality and encourage the free flow of ideas. Here, colleagues are not just colleagues, but a united and cooperative work environment. We offer challenging work as well as opportunities to deepen our expertise and grow. FOIS ICT PRO is a great place to develop your potential and grow with us. Let’s create the future together!